Nowhere is Safe.

  Have you been effected by knife or gun crime? Do you know somebody who has? Is knife & gun crime on the rise in your local area? How can you keep yourself, family and friend’s safe? In this blog, I will explain what exactly knife & gun crime is, their effects, and give tips how [...]

Nowhere is Safe.2017-09-15T13:23:30+01:00

Lets Talk About it – Mental Health

  Do you suffer from a mental health issue or know somebody who does? This blog will give you some valuable information about mental health & the effect it has on people, along with my own personal insight as well as well-known celebrities. There are many different types of mental health issues that affect many of [...]

Lets Talk About it – Mental Health2017-04-24T12:04:17+01:00

Volunteering Changed My Life Drastically!

Volunteering is an amazing way in which you can enhance your future as well as offering to support to others who need it. Volunteering is an activity which takes place for a community of organisation but is not for profit in money terms. It is done to benefit the community, organisation and the volunteer them-self. The [...]

Volunteering Changed My Life Drastically!2017-01-26T12:42:48+00:00
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