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Affordable & Professional Therapy and Counselling Service based in Dudley

We provide affordable, professional therapy and counselling services.  At The AoC we really want to support you. Every step of the way. If you are part of a whole family struggling to communicate, or a couple trying to save their relationship or want mediation to work out how and when best to alternate visits with your children, or an individual looking for professional counselling or therapy, in order to work through and heal psychological or social difficulties, then The AoC can help you. We assist children, young people and adults of all ages.  We don’t have long waiting lists either, which means you can receive support within days.  You can refer yourself or be referred by anyone over the age of 18.

Exciting & Creative Training Courses & Workshops

The AoC also provides services to community groups, organisations and charities.  The AoC works with experienced and high-quality trainers to deliver exciting, powerful and creative self-developmental training programmes, workshops and courses. Keep an eye on our newsfeed at the top of this page regularly or sign up to our free newsletter. We are based in the heart of Dudley town centre,  in the West Midlands – where we have our own beautiful therapeutic rooms and training spaces and provide a fantastic team of registered and qualified therapeutic clinicians and trainers.

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If you are seeking self-help support then our international online community forum may be just right for you. Click here to access it or click forum in the task bar at the top of this page.  Oh, and in case you were wondering – The AoC simply means The Arts of Change.Welcome to our website.

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