The support she received through The Arts of Change had been ‘life changing’

“L said that the support she received through The Arts of Change had been ‘life changing’ and she felt like her ‘perspective had changed’ dramatically. L said it was good to have the opportunity to talk about things she hadn’t spoken about previously with anyone, and as a result, she felt ‘more settled’, ‘calmer’ and was ‘spending more quality time’ with her grandchildren.

L said that she had made ‘lots of positive changes’, including stopping smoking and being more physically active. She said that her relationship with her grandchildren had improved, and she was also being stricter with her personal care. L said that even her grandchildren’s behaviour had improved, as they were accessing the support that they need, due to intervention from Integrated Plus and L being less stressed.”

You can read more about L’s journey with Integrated Plus and the support received here – https://integratedplusblog.com/2021/09/22/client-l-says-integrated-plus-have-helped-me-in-more-ways-than-they-can-imagine/

Client – T Morand

“I have found my sessions with Jason really helpful. There has been a big change with my mental health since by first session. Family members have noticed a difference in me and the atmosphere at home has improved. I have managed to get out of the house a lot more which makes things more enjoyable.”

T. Morand.

“Many thanks to The AoC for the excellent service” – Brian F, Client.

“Many thanks to The AoC for an excellent service. Reception and administration have been efficient and welcoming.

The counselling services have been remarkable. My counsellor was compassionate and caring leading me through a journey from childhood experiences to an understanding of my present situation and the impact these had on me now, then signposting me to acceptance of it and relating this knowledge to a happier future. This was one with great warmth, energy and intense concentration. She had tremendous memory recall of earlier sessions, exploring and focusing on these issues and gently leading me through a journey.

I have been delighted by this service and by the people providing it. Thank you so very much.”


Brian Fletcher – AoC Client via The Lily Pad Counselling Project.

A Turner – Dudley Voluntary Service

“Just wanted to feedback to you that I’m getting lots of positive feedback about AOC, in particular in relation to where other services haven’t been as helpful e.g. I’ve heard of Talking Therapies missing appointments, not contacting patients, not engaging well with patients, where as I’ve heard that AOC pretty much do whatever they commit to and I’ve heard no complaints in terms of engagement or making people feel comfortable.

I’m referring into them quite a bit and they seem to be really working for people, so I just wanted to mention that in the hope that we can keep using them and referring into them on an ongoing basis.”

Kelly Rea – Dudley CVS

“I  just wanted to let you know what a fantastic impact you are having on RP.

After going through the mental health service, and talking therapies with no support being offered RP had given up, her PTSD from a violent sexual attack was not being treated and her life was a life of isolation and fear to go outside.
She tried to reach out for help many times, but nothing being offered was of help to her.
She was suffering extremely bad panic attacks, her anxiety was out of control and she had lost all faith in services.
Due to the severity of her panic attacks, an ambulance would often be called and a trip to A&E was usual.
After gaining RPs trust over around 5 months, I referred her to The AOC and Christian began working with RP.
Her first fear of working with a male was overcome when Christian used his skills to make RP feel comfortable.
Since then, RP has has regular sessions and the difference in her is immense, in fact I have never witnessed a change in someone to this extent.
Christian you have restored her faith in humanity and in services.
She has not called 999 once, she even went to B&Q and was able to be left for 5 mins while her partner went to a different isle!
This is a perfect example of how the AoC are perfect for HIU clients.
Christian your skills are commendable and you really have given light to someone who had been let down and given up.
Thank you.”

Megan C

I have noticed a change within me; happier. I know I am a different person now compared to when I started therapy a few weeks ago. The best work was around ‘invitation to a view’. Thank you for your help. If I do go through a crisis situation again, I know I would be able to book an appointment as & when needed.

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