Projects and Services

The AoC & AoC Trust can provide many different projects and services. Below are just some them we can provide;

Private Therapy & Counselling Sessions

We offer personal therapy, individual counselling, couple counselling, groups and family therapy for all members of an entire family unit to participate in our modern and lovely group rooms situated Central Dudley and we also offer daytime, evening and weekend counselling/therapy sessions upon request.

The AoC specialise in Dramatherapy, Family Therapy, Integrative Counselling, Mindfulness, Relaxation and Anger Management. However we also offer other forms of counselling and therapy as our therapists and counsellors use a wide range of creative modalities as well as the usual talking therapies. Always courteous, understanding, warm and supportive. With over twenty three years experience. Sessions can be held face to face, via telephone or video call dependant on the referral type as some may not be suitable for the session required.

ConnectME Project

The AoC Trust based in Dudley; West Midlands will be providing free support to those who have been directly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic who live in the West Midlands. The project officially started on June 29th, 2020 and will run through to December 2020 subject to availability. During the project we aim to…

  • To provide daily online (face to face, telephone and video) counselling and therapy support for key workers, NHS, single parents, separated parents, victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and frontline staff who are not in self-isolation and are still in risk of contagion and are potentially working in stressful and high anxiety conditions. Support for all NHS staff of all levels across all major hospitals within the West Midlands
  • To continue to provide daily online (video – ‘Zoom’) and physical child contact support for all Non-Resident parents who have lost jobs and struggling to pay for standard child contact centre fees. To help parents who have become estranged from their biological child/ren and cannot see them due to the national ‘lockdown’.
  • To create an online Creative ‘Connect Me’ Tool-Kit – for parents to utilise with their child/ren of different ages and abilities whilst interacting whilst both are in self-isolation and remotely.

Anyone referred to the project will receive up to 6 free sessions where clearly defined goals will be set to work towards and to help reduce stress and anxiety and build resilience to cope with the coronavirus pandemic and maintain psychological health and emotional stability. They will also be used to enable parents to reconnect with their child/ren and reduce isolation and improve, relationships, family ties and healthy attachment and bonding.


The AoC Trust gained funding from BBC’s Children In Need for a 3-year funded project known as ProjectME MINDCRAFT (PMM). The project began in June 2018 and has now entered its 3rd year.

The project is aimed at children living in Dudley, Sandwell, or Wolverhampton borough only and aged between 3-18 years of age who are diagnosed or suspected of having one a mental health disorder(s). They may receive up to six sessions of FREE therapy and counselling.

The AoC Trust is a national charity based in the heart of Dudley town centre and was awarded £30,000 in 2018 to provide this fantastic FREE therapeutic support for the children and young people living in the boroughs mentioned with any sort of mental health issue. The mental health issue does not have to be diagnosed and can range from anxiety, depression to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and much more.

Sessions can be held at our offices in central Dudley, in the school of the child or in some cases home visits can be completed dependant on the availability of remote therapists & counsellors. Places are strictly limited so we work on a first come first serve basis for this project.

The Creative Orchid Project (COP)

The Creative Orchid Project is a brand-new project that will be using a variety of creative activities (e.g. collage, painting, paper-craft) to support the individual’s therapeutic journey in being able to manage their mental health. The group will focus on the individual gaining an understanding of their mental health condition: Anxiety, Body image, Self-esteem, Depression, Anger or Addiction (e.g. gambling).

They will learn about physical symptoms, their negative thinking patterns and how this has an impact on their relationships; they will then develop new coping strategies / techniques to allow them to move forward and achieve their goals.

All group members will receive an information and activity pack prior to the beginning of their 6-week programme preparing them for the group. All creative work will be displayed in an exhibition both at the end of the 6 weeks and in a formal celebration after all 6 programmes have been completed.


For general queries regarding projects and service please call:

01384 211 168 or alternatively email us:


Our office is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm but later times and weekend sessions may be available upon request.