In the past year I have been working closely with The AoC. They offer 1-1 counselling to our Mentees who are suffering anxiety, depression or just need that extra support to make sense of their lives. They are quick to respond to referrals and the difference we have seen in our Mentees is noticeable in such a short period of time.

For example one young woman I have known since joining the hub in January was very quiet, never spoke and when she did is was so quiet I would struggle to hear her. She never looked at you and hid behind her hair. The difference in just a matter of weeks is immense, she is more confident around the hub, no longer hides behind her hair, will join in in conversations, looks at you and smiles ad she is much more engaging. I have had this conversation with her as Mentees do not always recogniser their progress and I think she was surprised I had noticed these changes. She still has a long way to go but is making massive strides.

I am not sure what The AoC’s secret is, but it is working!

Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)

They found it so very useful and were very grateful to have The AoC. It was a very positive experience and helped us in the R&D.


The AoC has given me back self-control and the support has been out of this world. I am happy as I have ever been and enjoy life more. I can’t thank The AoC enough for everything they have done and words cannot describe it. I have progressed throughout sessions and all the techniques I have learned have helped massively.


I sat in on the day of the Empower course today and have to say how impressed I was. I have wanted to observe one of the sessions for ages – but this was the first opportunity I had. I think for the customers with low confidence and self esteem this is absolutely amazing! Christian and Becky were fantastic.


After having 6 sessions with Jason, the progress I have made has been amazing. I feel more confident in myself and my own ability and am reassured by the fact that I always have somebody to talk to at the end of the week.


The AoC counsellors and creative art therapists have worked with a variety of aged children. The therapists have a caring supportive nature and help the children to unlock their emotional and behavioural worries; drama therapy especially.


School complete individual referrals, then each child has an initial assessment followed by 6 weeks of therapy. Feedback is given from AOC (sometimes weekly), midway and at the end of the 6 week block; this gives the school the opportunity to support the child with the next steps. This could be nurture, further therapy or no further support is required. Parents have also met with the AOC about the impact of therapy, its outcome and future support.


School would recommend the AOC as it benefits all children living with emotional and behavioural worries. The feedback support they offer is so beneficial to the child as it gives guidance and future advice to support their development.  What would be ideal is that all children have the opportunity to experience AOC and the many ways they can support future development and positive life choices.”

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