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Meet Chelsee Restall — trainee counsellor

"I am a trainee counsellor in the process of completing my 100 placement hours; my course was based in Lincoln, so I’ve completed the majority of my hours with an NHS service there, and I’m still travelling up once a week to see clients, so the early mornings are hard! "I’ve just begun my work [...]

Meet Chelsee Restall — trainee counsellor2022-09-28T11:54:41+01:00

Once upon a time

Once upon a time There was a young women called Rosie who lived in a cottage with her pet piglet called Presley. Rosie loves to dance and twirling around in her room listening to music and making art, while Presley would sit in his bed of hay asleep or watching Rose twirling. Her love for art, [...]

Once upon a time2022-09-06T11:33:31+01:00
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