4 Tips To Cut The Cost Of Living

Walk around Aldi, and you’ll hear at least two people talking about how they can’t afford to heat their house or buy food. 

But the cost of living crisis has as much of an impact on our wallets as it does on our minds. At the AoC, we’ve seen an increase in people that need help – pushed to the poverty line. 

So, we’ve asked Sarah, our marketing executive, how she saves money (she’s known as a bit of a bargain hunter).

  • How to save money on food

“I love Aldi’s super six. At the moment, carrots are 29p, and onions are 49p. What’s on offer changes, but you can check what’s available here. I also ensure nothing goes to waste – my slow cooker gets all the leftover veggies for soup at the end of the week. I just shove a veg stock in hot water and pour it over peeled and chopped veg. TooGoodToGo also gives you free food locally that needs to be eaten today. I have fruit trees and grow veg each year, too.”

  • How to save money on heating

“Loss of heat is expensive, so I’ve started sewing some jumbo draft excluders for the bottom of the doors. You can make them by rolling an old pillow into a sausage and sewing or tying the ends (a bit like a squashy cracker). I’ve turned my under-floor heating off and have shorter showers. I don’t use the tumble dryer and only put a mug full of water in the kettle. I’ve also turned my heating down to 18 degrees. I read the other day that you should keep your tap temperature at 60 degrees to avoid legionella (a nasty disease).” 

  • Clothes and furniture

“I’ve always loved charity shops, especially Mary Stevens Hospice, as they have clothes and furniture in excellent condition. I donate or re-sell anything I don’t need. If you type in ‘free’ on Schpock, you’ll be surprised how many people give things away in your area too.”

  • Money 

“I’ve noticed advertisements for cashback options for new bank accounts, savings, and mortgages, so I’m looking at those. I plan to switch my mortgage three months early to avoid the interest rate hike – you have early repayment charges on a mortgage, but if you ask, some lenders waive these if you stay with them. I’m also going to look to make my savings work harder.”

When it comes to your mind, the AoC is here to help you. We offer reasonable prices for private therapy and often have funded sessions too. Call 01384 211168 or email support@theaoc.org.uk