Clown Fear on the Rise

Do you have a phobia of clowns? Do you know somebody who has? Are clowns now portrayed as scary rather than entertaining? Why has the perception of a clown now changed? In this short blog, I will give my views on clowns and why I feel the fear of them is rising so dramatically. Clowns have [...]

Clown Fear on the Rise2017-11-10T12:34:23+00:00

Nowhere is Safe.

  Have you been effected by knife or gun crime? Do you know somebody who has? Is knife & gun crime on the rise in your local area? How can you keep yourself, family and friend’s safe? In this blog, I will explain what exactly knife & gun crime is, their effects, and give tips how [...]

Nowhere is Safe.2017-09-15T13:23:30+01:00

Who am I

Many of us can have a mind block when asked to speak about ourselves. Cogs start turning and your mind scrambles to think of something yet you try, you get sweaty palms and dry mouth and find it a struggle usually starting the conversation with a “huhmm” or “erm” It’s that one question that always catches [...]

Who am I2017-09-13T12:42:46+01:00
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