Many of us can have a mind block when asked to speak about ourselves. Cogs start turning and your mind scrambles to think of something yet you try, you get sweaty palms and dry mouth and find it a struggle usually starting the conversation with a “huhmm” or “erm”

It’s that one question that always catches you off guard. I myself use to be like that but not anymore. So here goes and I hope you enjoy my short blog….

My names Ben I’m 34 years of age. I’m like every normal middle-aged guy but only recently have I realised who I REALLY am. Day to day routine would be my life, I would wake up and think of my day and maximising the time I had just for work. The only focus would be work and the daily tasks ahead which need completing, coming home making sure dinner was sorted and then going to bed making sure the day had been productive and making a mental note of what needs doing tomorrow.

Doesn’t sound exciting but you realise work and daily life doesn’t have to be Hustle and bustle, you need to find something that defines you as an individual and not just a number, my passion is landscaping and pottery combining the two to make my own little world in my back garden allowing me to express myself , moulding it to my liking. Once you harness this you find yourself relaxed and stress free realising you have more time for yourself.

I haven’t gone too much into my hobbies because this wouldn’t be a short blog but an essay lol but remember if asked to speak about yourself remember your passion and remember what makes you happy and what makes you YOU!😊