Clown Fear on the Rise

Do you have a phobia of clowns? Do you know somebody who has? Are clowns now portrayed as scary rather than entertaining? Why has the perception of a clown now changed? In this short blog, I will give my views on clowns and why I feel the fear of them is rising so dramatically. Clowns have [...]

Clown Fear on the Rise2017-11-10T12:34:23+00:00

Lets Talk About it – Mental Health

  Do you suffer from a mental health issue or know somebody who does? This blog will give you some valuable information about mental health & the effect it has on people, along with my own personal insight as well as well-known celebrities. There are many different types of mental health issues that affect many of [...]

Lets Talk About it – Mental Health2017-04-24T12:04:17+01:00

How I Overcame My Fear Of Public Speaking

          Have you ever struggled speaking in public or in groups of people you do not know? Maybe you still do? I know I have and I wanted to share my feelings about this and how it has changed as I got older. Having a fear of speaking is known as ‘glossophobia’ [...]

How I Overcame My Fear Of Public Speaking2016-04-15T14:39:44+01:00
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