Enhancing Client Outcomes in Modern Practice

The Value of Integrative Therapy At The Art of Change (AOC), our primary goal is to provide our clients with personalised, comprehensive, and effective mental health care. Integrative therapy is a cornerstone of our approach, acknowledging the complex interplay of biological, psychological, and social factors in mental health. By combining multiple therapeutic modalities, we address the [...]

Enhancing Client Outcomes in Modern Practice2024-05-30T18:02:56+01:00

Family Conflict Resolution: Navigating Turbulent Waters

Navigating Turbulent Waters In the intricate tapestry of family life, conflict often emerges as a natural part of the dynamic. While families are remarkably resilient and capable of weathering storms and bouncing back, persistent patterns of conflict can inflict lasting harm, particularly to children's mental and physical well-being (Sori, Hecker, & Bachenberg, 2016). At The [...]

Family Conflict Resolution: Navigating Turbulent Waters2024-03-05T11:46:00+00:00

No Home but Alone.

Have you experienced being homeless or know someone who has? Do you want to know more about homelessness? Do you want to see what’s being done to tackle this? Merry Christmas everyone (and to those who don’t celebrate it) and especially to those of us who are living without adequate shelter. This particular time of year [...]

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