Play and Performance

Play and Performance Workshop

Just for a day, become more like a child in our Play and Performance Workshop.

Workshop Overview

Remember when you were small, full of wonder, about the how’s and why’s of the world around you, Playful and creative without the burden of a result or success, Being full of excitement about everything that is to be discovered and always learning, imagining and experimenting?

As adults, we tend to focus too much nowadays upon deadlines, money, life difficulties and being successful. We become too serious and think that we know all there is to know. This dulls the heart inside and you’re once child inside you is lost.

We cannot afford to lose our connection to our own childlike qualities as it helps us to motivate, grow, learn and inspire people around you.

In This creative dynamic workshop, we shall explore Playfulness and childlike qualities to enhance them and to remember your inner child to use that spirit, to help you as an adult grow, become more creative, and motivate you to do the things you want to do in life.

Through the playing of fun games to devising imaginative plays, you will connect with the importance of play as not only a means of entertainment and fun but a way in which to understand ourselves and the world around us.

Please aim to arrive for workshop registration at 10.00am

Light refreshments are included


The AoC is located in Trinity Road, DY1 1JB and your nearest pay and display car park is just three minutes walk away on Stafford Street, Dudley, DY1 1RN.

When exiting the car park, walk toward Cross Street Health Centre & walk down the left side of the building to the end of Tinchbourne Street. Then take a right, cross over the road & Trinity road is the first left turning.


Please note tickets are 25% of the cost non-refundable.