The ACC Contact Centre has won the National Covid-19 Hero & Innovation Award during an award Ceremony by The National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC).
During the pandemic of 2020, many child contact centres across the UK were forced to close their doors, but one centre, ACC Dudley Child Contact Centre, continued to stay open and find new and innovative ways to help children continue to see their non-resident parent or parent living apart from them either due to divorce, relationship breakdown between mums and dads, or mums and mums or dads and dads, or even because of COVID-19.
The Arts of Change Trust (The AoC) charity that manages ACC won funding from the National Lottery in 2020 to create a free training resource for parents and professionals to learn to play creatively and more successfully online with their children.
The National Association for Child Contact Centre premiered this fantastic twenty minute training film at their first annual awards ceremony in May 2021, and is the regulatory body of ACC Dudley Child Contact Centre – who took home one of the awards for Covid-19 Hero and innovation. Please share and like this valuable toolkit link and look out for more exciting training films from AoC, ACC and NACCC in the future –