Dr Sue Jennings gives her views on The AOC and the work we do using dramatherapy via a video testimonial.

Dr. Sue Jennings Video Testimonial

Christian, has shown that he has a good understanding of individuality and person centred care by demonstrating the right of choice which is a very important aspect of care planning.

Hi Christian, I would like to thank you for the wonderful relaxation course.

This has helped me in so many ways – to breathe correctly, relax and certainly de-stress.  You are professional, understanding, approachable and most of all a pleasure to work with.  You have a relaxing tone to your voice…

Sarah Carr2014

The AOC counsellors and creative art therapists have worked with a variety of aged children. The therapists have a caring supportive nature and help the children to unlock their emotional and behavioural worries; drama therapy especially.


School complete individual referrals, then each child has a…

Primary School Teacher - West Midlands 2016

I began Dramatherapy sessions in March 2015. The first meeting was essentially a meet and greet with Christian Dixon, who informed me what our sessions would entail and the structure of each individual session. Initially I was filled were fear at the prospect of receiving therapy and I admittedly do…