Spotlight on Andrea Sprio, Lead Therapeutic Clinician, The AoC Trust

At The AoC Trust, we like to shine a spotlight on our team members and the importance of their contribution — we succeed together.

Each of our team members is skilled, but each person has their own story uniquely connected to The AoC Trust’s values. Here’s our Andrea’s story:

“I’m Andrea, and I have been working with the Arts of Change since 2017 as a qualified person-centred counsellor, Systemic Family Practitioner, and I am currently completing my Systemic and Family Psychotherapy MSc to become a qualified Family Therapist.

“I also work for the local CAMHs team seeing families with complex challenges, including eating disorders and gender identity.

“I enjoy working and making a difference with all types of clients, whether they are an individual, couple or family — families noticing a positive change is particularly rewarding for me.

“I specialise in creative therapies and work with a wide variety of clients, including adults, children, families, couples, schools. I use different therapeutic theoretical approaches in helping all clients to resolve their issues using person-centred, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), creative therapies (incl. play, art), and systemic family approach.

“I view myself as eclectic and adapt my approach to the individual or families’ needs — one approach doesn’t always fit the needs of the clients.

“As the Lead Therapeutic Clinician of the team, I oversee all the different therapeutic clinicians we have working with us and supervise student placements — supporting them with their first clients to the end of their placements — seeing the confidence growing in them is amazing.

“I have developed, set up and run the Creative Orchid Project as part of the AoC. Clients can attend creative workshops based on mental health issues, including, anger, depression, self-esteem, body image, addiction and anxiety. The workshops have been really popular, and the clients have gained a lot from attending, learning about their issues and learning different ways to manage.

“We are in the process of developing this further and planning the next set of workshops, so watch this space!”