Spotlight on Heather Barton – Therapeutic Practioner, The AoC Trust

At The AoC Trust, we like to shine a spotlight on our team members and the importance of their contribution — we succeed together.

Each of our team members is skilled, but each person has their own story uniquely connected to The AoC Trust’s values. Here’s Heather’s story:

“My name is Heather Barton, and I am a therapeutic practitioner at AoC, where I have worked for almost a year. I work with all ages – children, young people, adults, couples and family groups. I am a qualified Counsellor, Play Therapist, Coach, Supervisor and Trainer. I have a BA in Integrative Counselling and MAs in Play Therapy and Relational Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am currently close to the end of my studies for a Professional Doctorate in Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies at Chester University.

“One of my specialisms is working with children and young people, and for the last fifteen years, I have worked as a school counsellor/play therapist, with CYP from 4 years old to 18 plus, in many different settings. Another specialism is faith and spirituality in counselling and psychotherapy, and this has been the subject for my Doctorate.

“When I’m not counselling, my life is busy with three adult sons and eight grandchildren. My oldest grandchild is 10 at the end of October, and the youngest is two years old. My husband and I have also recently become the proud owners of a puppy – a Cavapoo called Callie – who is very lively, playful and inquisitive. I hope that as she becomes a little bit older and (hopefully) calmer, I can train her to be a therapy dog.

“I am a member of a local church and have had many roles there over the years, mostly working with children running after-school clubs and holiday clubs, as well as Sunday schools. I also love knitting and doing cross-stitch when I have time to fit it in.”