“My Name is Anita Roye.

“I am an Art Psychotherapy student in the last few months of my master’s degree. My research project is about CPTSD caused by birth trauma. I am passionate about the use of creative therapies for children and adults within mental health and other areas. Having a holistic approach within an empowerment framework provides tools that complement my psychoanalytic foundation.

“My work for AOC is art therapy based but very much person-led. I believe in the value of other modalities, and it is more about what the person needs to help them move forward in their lives.

“I am a practising artist who likes to spend time painting, printing, and making sculptures. My claim to fame (nearly!) was to run a mental health awareness art session for the Tate Exchange in London. It would have been about unseen mental health and how under the right conditions peoples’ true light could be seen. Due to covid, it is to be rescheduled. Alongside art, I meditate, take long hikes in the countryside, run chocolate workshops, listen to podcasts, and lead art-based exhibitions in the community.

“The start of Covid has been a difficult time for many people. In our local community, we set up a WhatsApp group where we shared photographs of interesting things we spotted on our walks. One of the neighbours set up a zoom coffee morning and another started a foodbank collection point. It has been a time of personal family bereavement and a time of growth. Taking a year out from my studies during this time has really helped with my own well-being.”