5 Benefits of Effective Counselling and Therapy (the facts)

Have you ever heard someone say that they had great results from CBT (talking therapy), or without their therapist, they would never have moved forward? 

You might also have heard people say that they would never go to a counsellor and attached a stigma of being ‘mentally ill’ to such visits. 

The truth is, counselling is a different experience for everyone, but one aspect is always true – it’s always good to talk. 

Here’s the truth about the real benefits of counselling and therapy.

#1 Your therapist doesn’t know you or your family

If you ask many of the people that the AoC works with, they’d say that often it’s the confidentiality that helps them make the decision to seek help. 

Also, the anonymity, as a therapist does not know you or your family, so there’s a feeling of being able to talk openly without judgement or consequence. 

#2 Time to breathe and think with counselling

Counselling gives you the opportunity to breathe and think. Time carved out, especially for you to work through that constant chatter we all have in our heads. The doubts, the fears, confusion, or an impulse to do something that doesn’t feel right or is dangerous. 

Often walking into a space that isn’t your home feels different, and allows you to feel safe in an environment that is built to heal.

#3 Moving forward and regaining control with talking therapy

Often the biggest benefit of talking to a qualified mental health professional is the ability to move forward with your life. 

When we struggle with our mental well-being, it impacts many other areas of our lives like career, home life, friendships, and relationships. 

In contrast, when we move forward, we feel in control again, which has a positive snowball effect on everything else above. 

We start to take steps to walk forward to something new.

#4 A new perspective with a therapist

Sometimes people wait a lifetime for therapy only to realise that they had one perspective that was stopping them from seeing the true picture. 

A therapist offers the reality, helps you walk through potential scenarios that have built up in your mind, and visit your own truth.

You’ll also find out how common most concerns are and that they very rarely hold the stigma that you think, or sometimes intrusive thoughts, for instance, don’t mean what you think – like the myth that you’re a ‘bad’ person (bad is what you do, not what you think). 

Our mind is a complex part of the body – often playing tricks on us as it makes connections. The more we tell ourselves a thought is bad, the more it appears – we’re giving the brain a connection. Dismissing the thought as commonly as “what’s for tea?” is just one method to free yourself (there is more work, of course, but that’s one element).

#5 A new reality is possible with counselling

It’s easy to think that we have no power over the present, but a new reality is always possible, no matter how small. 

For some people, this might be stepping outside of their door, for others being able to set boundaries or enjoy more self-confidence.

At the AoC, we have a large team of qualified and registered counsellors, so there is no waiting list. We offer all types of therapy, for all ages, and all well-being challenges – it’s also affordable.

We offer a wide range of creative therapeutic modalities including art and play therapy as well as traditional talking therapies.

For an appointment or more information, you can call 01384 211168, email support@theaoc.org.uk or text ‘support’ to 60075.