The Road Runners… or Walkers!


The AoC are planning a run, jog or walk to raise money for their charity The AoC Trust.

The AoC core team staff will be completing a 3K run in order to gain donations and sponsors both before the run and during the run itself. As previously mentioned the run is to raise awareness for and funds for our charity The AoC Trust and the work they will be doing to support those in need of therapeutic support.

We invite you to support us on the run, jog or walk is possible by taking part, raising money and awareness or even donating toward The AoC Trust. Anything you can afford to donate would be a huge help or even if you offered to gain some sponsors of your own it would be hugely appreciated.

The route of the run will be confirmed in due course so keep an eye on our website for that. If you do want to get involved and support us please email administrator Ben with your details, the ways in which you would like to support us i.e. take part in the run or take a sponsor sheet & we will get back to you ASAP.