Working Creatively with Children and Families using Play and Drama

Working Creatively with Children and Families using Play and Drama



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Family Dramatherapy Introductory Course, is a wonderfully practical and experiential one day workshop – aimed at primary, secondary, academy school staff, SENCOs, social workers, senior social workers, family support workers, counsellors, therapists, and all other health and educational professionals, to understand how dramatherapy works and how this highly effective psychotherapeutic model works under the new paradigm of family dramatherapy and how dramatherapists apply both playful and dramatic techniques in helping entire family units, whether biological or non-biological family members come together and heal disagreements, family rifts, broken attachments and bonds by expressing themselves in new, long lasting, creative and healing ways.

You will also be encouraged to work experientially, using safe, playful, dramatic games and exercises – as these will assist you in making appropriate referrals to The AoC for family dramatherapy, being able to confidently talk to your clients about this paradigm and complete a simple but effective assessment tool. This course will also assist you, as a professional or volunteer who works with families indirectly or directly in how to work in a free, non-judgemental, non-assumptive manner by helping parents and their children or relatives to adopt and mirror non-confrontational and finger-pointing’ attitudes in a safe, exploratory and creative way.

The aims of The Family Dramatherapy: Introductory Course are to:

  • Explore what family dramatherapy is
  • Learn about the history of family therapy in brief, and modern theorists’ views of family therapy.
  • Understand how family breakdowns affects everyone socially, economically, emotionally and psychologically.
  • Understand external and internal triggers that may spark family breakdowns: Blaming culture.
  • Learn how to use effective family dramatherapy coping strategies through games and practical exercises to help families reunite and heal.
  • Learn how to complete Q-Cards and Timelines for assessment purposes.

Our hope is that all participants will leave this course feeling much more confident with how to sign-post families in distress or children or young people who clearly are not the ‘problem’ but seen as by the immediate family.

At the end of the course, and satisfactory completion – you will receive a certificate of attendance and receive CPD points. We provide all materials, handouts, refreshments and a tasty light lunch is included. Please let us know of any dietary or disability requirements/needs at least one week prior to the start date of this course by emailing our friendly administrator – Ben Franklin at:

Please also note that any cancellations will incur a 25% charge to the value of the overall course fee which is non-refundable.