Introduction to Dramatherapy with Puppetry

Introduction to Dramatherapy with Puppetry



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This exciting half day training course is for any professional who works with children and young people from 5years to 17 years of age. This course is suitable for youth workers, play workers, primary, secondary, academy school staff, social workers, senior social workers, child and adolescent support workers, counsellors, therapists, and all other health professionals, to understand, explore and develop skills to help heal a range of social, emotional or psychological issues using different puppets.

This is a creative taster workshop, so you do not need any knowledge of puppets to attend. You will be introduced to what is dramatherapy first in brief, then you will be guided into learning how dramatherapy works with a range of clients using hand, rod, and shadow puppets. Christian Dixon FRSA, registered and practising dramatherapist with over twenty years’ experience and a professional actor will be taking you through the different avenues in which dramatherapy and puppetry can be applied. You will also get to create your own puppets and create a mini puppet show based on healing and metamorphosis.

Children and young people respond well to dramatic play – as for them it is their universal language. Puppetry enhances this and through puppet play – professionals can create a safe and distanced area or theatre where the child or young person can enter and engage with the puppets and tell and explore and understand their difficult real-life stories and experiences.

You will be encouraged to build your own puppets and work together to create a healing story which you can use in your own professional work. This course will also assist you, as a professional or volunteer who works with children and young people effective ways in which to explore in a safe, non-judgemental, exploratory and creative manner how to help clients find a puppet whom they can ‘talk’ through.

The aims of the Dramatherapy & Puppetry for Beginners Course are to:

  • Explore briefly what is Dramatherapy and how it is practised.
  • Experience a brief history of puppetry and different kinds of puppets.
  • Understand how children and young people work with puppets through case studies.
  • Experience creating your own puppets and puppet show.
  • Present a puppet play based on healing and transformation.

The course will give you a brief overview of the history of puppetry across the world and up-to-date research findings on the subject, and an overview of the effect of using puppets from case studies. There will be plenty of time for group discussions, reflections, Q and A’s and practical demos of coping exercises which you will have lots of opportunity in which to practise.

Our hope is that all participants will leave this course feeling much more confident with how to cope with trauma and other issues a child may present using a range of puppets and leave with at least two ways in which to make effective play models.

At the end of the course, and satisfactory completion – you will receive a certificate of attendance and receive CPD points. We provide all materials, handouts, and light refreshments. Please let us know of any dietary or disability requirements/needs at least one week prior to the start date of this course by emailing our friendly administrator – Ben Franklin

This course will sell out quickly so please do not delay in booking your place early to avoid any disappointment. Otherwise we are happy to place you on our waiting list until we are able to facilitate a repeat course in the near future.

You may pay in full via our secure sister payment programme – Eventbrite. Please also note that any cancellations will incur a 25% charge to the value of the overall course fee which is non-refundable.